Nick Vuono Charity Fund

Nick Vuono was a local resident (1926-1984) who dedicated his life to giving to those in need in the community.  He had a long history of charity work including his work with Toys for Tots, making contributions to the Westerly Public Library, various needs at the Westerly High School, fundraisers for the Cancer Fund, donations to the YMCA, to name a few.

In 1978 as President of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates Lodge No. 10, Nick founded the FOPA scholarship which to date has awarded over $100,000 to seniors graduating from Westerly High School.  His ongoing work always included fund raisers and contributions to the Olean Center as he valued their non-profit work with the developmentally disabled.  During his lifetime Nick was recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as their Citizen of the year (1981) and was the recipient of the 1982 Jefferson Award.

Who we are

The Nick Vuono Charity Fund was established in 1985, following his untimely death in 1984 due to cancer.  The charity adopted the slogan “His heart was open to everyone” which truly describes Nick’s compassion for those faced with challenges.  Since that time volunteers have continued the community work that Nick Vuono was noted for by working with individuals from the Westerly-Bradford area in need of special services or equipment and to organizations that service those individuals.

Over the years the Nick Vuono Charity Fund has made awards to individuals and local agencies like the Olean Center, Gaits of Harmony and the Westerly Public Library. Past awards have consisted of access ramps, electric wheel chairs, stair lifts, and adaptive bicycles for youth and children, machines to help visually impaired children to read, language development tools, I-pads, launchpads, talk-abouts, computers, sensory swings, trampolines, etc.

The Nick Vuono Charity Fund is dedicated to continue the generous work of Nick. The Board of Directors call for applications yearly and make awards based on the needs that align with our mission and Nick’s spirit, His heart was open to everyone.

If you know of an individual or agency in need of special assistance and could benefit from the mission of the NVCF submit an application by using our contact information.

Please make a contribution to support our mission either online or sent to our PO Box. The Nick Vuono Charity Fund, is a 501(c) tax exempt charity, Nick Vuono Charity Fund, Inc; P.O. Box 1004, Westerly, RI 02891. Include your name, phone number and address on all communications.

email us: [email protected]  or visit Facebook.

The funds for the awards are raised through our fundraisers, held every year. In 2019, a Game Dinner was held at the Calabrese Club in Westerly with over 100 people in attendance, 7 courses, and over $3000 raised for awards. For anyone interested in donating or volunteering their time, please contact us.

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